Brad Mehldau: Recommended Recordings

1. Songs(Art of the Trio Vol.3)
Beautiful and accessible melodies throughout entire CD.

2. The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5: Progression
Live double CD recorded at the Vanguard. Intense and passionate moments combined with thoughtful renditions of jazz standards.

3. Elegiac Cycle.
Pensive compositions that transcend category. The sound of these solo piano pieces range from a Bach Baroque style to Chopin with a delicate touch of blues in some pieces.

Brad Mehldau's foray into a more Rock/funk sound. You have to hear it to believe it. He covers Radio Head's "Paranoid Android". My favorite on this CD is a song that Brad wrote "When it Rains". For these two songs alone, the album is worth it. A friend of mine recently mentioned that he felt that the song "I DO", which is on this album, is Brad at his best.

5. Live in Tokyo
A live solo recording of in Brad in Tokyo. Nothing short of phenomenal. Brad's approach is totally non-academic. An original and quite genius approach to each tune. You'll find a song from Thelonius Monk here, Radio Head, and also Nick Drake. There are also timeless classics such as Someone to Watch Over Me on this disc as well. The U.S release is a single release whereas the Japanese release is a double CD release with songs on it not found on the U.S release.

Combination of Trio and Solo performances. Each track dedicated to a "place."

Energetic and courageous CD that is bold and fresh. You have to hear it to believe it.

A visit to Brad Mehldau's website is essential. Brad happens to also be a poignant writer so visit the site and listen to some samples of his music, view some of his videos and read some of his liner notes as well.

I was able to see Brad live at the village vanguard and I did blogit.

Peter Duhon