Brad Mehldau Trio: Live at the Village Vanguard Part II

The high level of aural awareness that is inherent with this trio was in full form while playing the southern Spain inspired tune, Granada(written by Chris Cheek). This was the second song of the night and it was an approriate choice. Playing in unison need not to be a banal affair and the unity trumpeted by this trio made that point. Each member played with a disciplined focus, juxtaposing individual improvisation and dynamic awareness of ensemble sonorities.

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I have written out a list of recommended recordings and breif review of each recording. It is in no way a complete list considering Brad's prolific output. Though my list is a valuable resource if you are new to his music.

A visit to Brad Mehldau's website is essential. Brad happens to also be a poignant writer so visit the site and listen to some samples of his music, view some of his videos and read some of his liner notes as well.

Peter Duhon