Brad Mehldau and Jazz: Too Busy?

Someone wrote the question below in an email:
"My impression of him from the one trio album
I have (art of the trio #4) is that he's too busy."

I wrote:

though I champion the work of Brad Mehldau, I understand why you could say that since I have that recording. I can really see why u would feel that way. It reminds me of two quotes "production of emotion determined by a resistance to emotion" and "unless there is compression there is no _expression." I would say listening to the recording that you have, I think what is heard on that album is that struggle of reduction or compression.

Two albums of his come quickly to mind, the first would be his solo/trio album "places." The solo tracks(29 Palms, Los Angles II, Paris, and Amsterdam) on places I think you would like since you enjoyed seeing him at Newport. The trio pieces on that album are less busy.

The second album that I think you may enjoy would be his trio Album "Anything Goes." Great renditions of a Paul Simon song, and of the standard "Get Happy" and a version of Radio Heads "everything in the right place."

Finally, his new disc is outstanding, though I would recommend listening to the albums mentioned in this email first and then listening to his latest DAY IS DONE. Its a fiery album. Considering that Brad is somewhat of a prolific artist I could say more but I'll save it and I would like to hear your opinion about any of the discs that I have mentioned.