The Grammy Awards: Email Posts

In a previous email about the Grammy awards, I wrote the following:

Three albums that standout from the year that are groundbreaking, original and transformative:

Radiance: Keith Jarrett
The Ground: Tord Gustavsen
Day is Done: Brad Mehldau


In response to my email, someone else wrote in an email:

"The Ground: Tord Gustavsen"

I thought this album was nice, but nothing special. It's too lethargic and
quiet; maybe somebody should have slipped some methamphetamines into
Gustavsen's water. I definitely wouldn't call it "groundbreaking".

I then responded back:

This album successfully creates a particular mood and it exercises a disciplined focus with each composition - all original tunes by Tord Gustavsen - being thematically linked. I like fiery albums myself but to appreciate the fiery albums, the quiet and subtle ones are needed as well and vice versa. The atmosphere of this album is quite spiritual and makes slight references to universal themes of hope, redemption, emotional struggles, humility and the need for attachment.

With the above in mind, take a look at some of the titles taken from the album below:

Colours of Mercy
Kneeling Down
Edges of Happiness
Tears Transforming
Curtains Aside

All the tunes that are on this album are interlocked to each other and would not quite exist the same if one of them was taken off the album. This album definitely follows the principles of modern art as laid out by Cezanne.


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