Jazz Intensifies Film: When it rains (In The City)[en la ciudad]

I recently saw In the City[en la ciudad], a Spanish film directed by Cesc Gay which chronicles the actions of some "30-somethings," who are well established and quite functional from a secular standpoint, and how they cope with banality in a rather dysfunctional or liberal way - depending on who you ask.

At any rate, during a rather poignant scene, suddenly the music of Brad Mehldau starts playing. In fact, during the course of the film, Brad Mehldau's music, the composition "When it rains" was played at least three times with slight differences each time played. The use of the track with each scene was powerful, especially considering that they used the track in a rather "crescendo" approach. The first two times hearing the song during the film are rather short and then the third and final time hearing the song, you hear more of the tune and the emotional effect heightens to a certain degree of sadness.

The song, "When it rains" can be found on Brad Mehldau's album Largo. Readers of Art Comments may remember that several months ago I included that album on a "Recommendation List." Obviously, I am not the only one who recognizes the power of Brad's music. If you have 99 cent you should just go and buy it on itunes. I guarantee you'll love the tune.

The tune used in the film also is not the exact same version played on Largo, instead there is another quartet/trio playing Brad Mehldau's original composition.

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