Another Jewel in New York

Substance plus form equals art, as written by John Dewey and others. Visiting the newly renovated Morgan Library here in Manhattan, one is reminded of the importance of architectural design but also the significance of documenting cultural achievements and significant moments.

During my lunch at work, I walked over to the newly renovated Morgan Library & Museum eager to see just the lobby and gift shop, since I was sure that entry into the museum would more than likely cost and I could easily come back and view everything at a later date. After visiting the lobby and gift shop, I bought a postcard of a drawing of John Ruskin, I went over to picked up some materials concerning their events, lectures, and exhibits. After inquiring about an upcoming lecture - tonight - at the Morgan Library, I was given complimentary tickets to the Lecture which will be given by New York scholar, Pete Hamill.

I will offer coverage of the event - News that Stays News: The Classics, Popular Fiction, Newspapers, and the City of New York. Stay tuned. In the meantime, read some of my other blogs:

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