A Conversation: Andre Leon Talley & Tom Ford

Discussion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In a world where banal personalities are often mannequinly manufactured into something they are not and forced upon a public eager for something - that something can be many things depending upon who you ask, who you are, and what one wants - it is quite refreshing to hear any conversation with depth: substance, form and energy. I just finished hearing a conversation between two "icons" of modern fashion. Neither banal nor shallow, these heavy weights of fashion could have easily spoken for several hours regarding a range of topics - architecture, film, visual art, style, global affairs, literature, and much more - and entertained the audience at the Met. But with grace, elegance and singularity, they shared some thoughts with the audience for a concise and jammed packed 30 minutes and then took questions from the audience for about another 30 minutes and I truly think everyone in the audience walked away with an enhanced understanding of style and its creation. Listening to these giants speak, one understands that style is substance with various nuaunces.

-Peter Duhon