First Impressions: Brad Mehldau Solo Recital


Brad Mehldau just completed a solo piano recital of epic proportions and trust me when I say that everyone in attendance would agree with my stance. In fact, several of the people I spoke with, many of whom heard Brad Mehldau for the first time this night, were stunned by his creative genius. Tonights performance transcended category and labels. Watching this performance, I could easily understand why Kandinsky wanted pictorial language to reach the heights of music. Brad Mehldau is not only a rare pianist, many would rightly argue that he is the preeminent pianist of his generation, but also a rare artist who possesses a masterly technical command of his medium but doesn't let the esoteric formal aspects of musical structure get into the way of creating something that lives and breathes, something that simply connects to its listeners in a profound way.

I will write more about tonights event, check back!