Final Draft: The Scope Art Fair

Here's an email that I wrote to an artist, whose work I wrote about here on Art Comments. The artist found my blog post via the internet and contacted me via email. I've never met the artist in question. The email below gives an overview of the art fair that I attended and provided coverage of here on Art Comments.

Email response:


Information today truly travels FAST. It is great hearing from you! I was really amazed at your work so its sincerely an honor hearing from you. I came across your work at the recent Scope Art Fair here in NY. The Hamptons to be specific.

It was with the Spanierman gallery - hope I'm not spelling it wrong. They were one of the busier galleries so I actually didn't get a chance to speak with dealers of Spanierman much about you or your work. But your painting was one of the highlights of the show, thus I posted it on my blog.

Overall, I liked the show despite the obvious, laid-back, wealthy vibe (not a bad thing - all shows can't have that intense Manhattan vibe). Not many students, artists or just casual visitors touring the facility but rather sternly focused, disciplined spenders, the type who make purchases for their summer home in the Hamptons, winter Manhattan apartment and estate in Italy.

With that market being targeted, the wealthy who look to support art, I hope that many benefited as a result. From the feedback I received, some dealers did especially well on the last day of the three day fair(Sunday) as some of the pieces were put on hold Friday and Saturday and then purchased in a frenzy on Sunday afternoon just before many of the purchasers went to the beach.

Looks like a couple of the dealers just broke even cash wise which there doesn't appear at the moment to be a clear reason why. The few dealers that did not sell well complained about attendance. Though with the target audience in mind, I don't see the attendance increasing over seven percent at next years Hamptons event but that is not a bad thing in my opinion since sales could increase between twenty to twenty-five percent. My humble opinion.

I am excited about the Scope Fair coming up in London. Will you be going? Looking forward to hearing from you again."

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