Martha Stewart: A Few Words with Art Comments

Martha Stewart during New York Fashion Week
Photo by Peter Duhon.

Right after the immensely successful Artist in Residence program I started for Art Comments which so far has led to each participant -Sonia B. and Jenny J. - eventually being added to the Art Comments team, I've been mulling over what kind of new series that I could introduce for Art Comments readers and one of the new series that I am excited to introduce, which quite honestly is long overdue, is the series tentatively titled, "A Few Words with AC." Essentially, it will be a series where myself or one of the team members of Art Comments will ask a creative person, one or several short, fun but revealing questions. I've been quite belligerent with regard to interviews since I've already conducted one with a bard from London who lives in Manhattan, the raw and adroit Jane Ormerod. I will do my best to post an article regarding that interview soon, an interview that I conducted several months back. Stay tuned for that interview, I learned several things from her while conducting it so I know everyone will like it. Until then though, please enjoy,  "A Few Words with AC."

A Few Words with AC:

During New York's Fashion Week, just prior to the Cynthia Rowely show, I spent a few minutes with the lovely (a truly approachable and warm individual) Martha Stewart, a person who dispels the myth that art and business are two separate things. Well, lets just say with her creative and ever successful approach to her own business, she has definitely blurred the lines between art and commerce.

AC: If you were stranded on an island and could have only one book with you, which book would you chose to have with you?

MS: Oh my! The Encyclopedia Britannica. I love it!

AC: I just want to say that I love your home on Lily Pond Lane!

MS: Why thank you very much!

Editors Note: The exact name of the street could be Lily Pond Drive which is located in the Hamptons but I will never forget the sight of that home, once you see it in person, the sight of it stays with you, I once had diner with someone who lived on the same street as her but that's another story altogether.