Here's a photo of the LOUISE T BLOUIN INSTITUTE at night. I attended the opening reception of the newly founded institution while in London. Apparently, I was there with all the heavyweights in the art world: art critics, patrons, artists, celebrities and the like. While I was surveying the institute and digesting the light installations of world-renowned artist James Turrell (he wasn't at the show), I met several interesting people and even had to defend James Turrell and contemporary art.

Seems that the dreadful quote "a child can do that" exists on both side of the Atlantic and is commonly used. However, being a champion of the arts, I was able to dispel that notion of "anyone can do that" and the young lady was happy that we spoke. In fact,
after our friendly and obviously insightful discussion she suggested that maybe I could tutor her nine year old child about art history (or something like that). We were all drinking champagne so some of the details are quite fuzzy. But at least I was able to help her see the light but who knows.