New Dutch Realism

Mokum Gallery
Peter Hartwig
Oil on Panel

Wonderful night last night. I attended an elegant affair that was organized by W Hotels, W magazine and Gallery10G , which featured three artists; KEVIN COOLEY, OFER WOLBERGER & MATTHEW SPIEGELMAN. Champagne was the drink of the night but I couldn't stay long since I had plans to meet up with a friend at the National Arts Club to attend a panel discussion held there: Collecting Today's Art in Today's World. Artist Joan Giordano moderated the discussion among the different panelists which included heavy-hitters: Alexis Hubshman, President Scope Art Fair, Gregory J Peterson, Collector Contemporary Realist Art, Dr. Lowery Sims, adjunct curator, The Studio Museum and former Curator of Modern Art at the Metropolitan Museum Missy Sullivan, editor Forbes Collector.

After the discussion, we were all directed to the Grand Gallery located at their facility to see the show, New Dutch Realism. Did I enjoy the show? Let's just say that I was one of the last people to leave the gallery. I absolutely loved the program and the art and I am planning on posting most of the pictures taken and posting some of the notes that I took from the panel discussion. While touring the Grand Gallery, I met two lovely art dealers from Amsterdam, Lucas van Hasselt and Liesbeth Hemelriik. who were representing some of the artist's work that was on display.

I'm writing this column rather late since earlier in the day, my network and server was down. I actually started the day pretty early, waking up around 6am, in hopes to write an extensive entry, only to find out that I could not access the Internet! Stay tuned for more information concerning the events of yesterday.