Art Comments One Year Anniversary

I'm proud of the fact that last December, my first blog entry for Art Comments covered a live performance by the amazing Brad Mehldau Trio, a trio and artist who has incited my personal journey of inquiry into the sublime and aesthetics . This personal journey later required proper documentation and what better way then online via the worldwide web where it could be shared and documented publicly. I had no idea that Art Comments would develop and grow into what it has become: An interdisciplinary online collaborative journal founded on the premise that if experiences are not documented and later shared, then it is as if they never happened; a journal that focuses exclusively on aesthetics that are of the sublime, challenging, thought provoking and compelling.

Here are a few links from the past year:

Alfred Brendel's performance at Carnegie Hall
Martha Stewart interview with Art Comments during Fashion Week 2006
Brad Mehldau review
Film Review: Cache

This year also saw the addition of several contributors, two fashion specialists in Jennifer Jackson and Sonia Bhalla , and art contributor Don Porcella .

I would like to thank everyone for their continuous support to this journal whose mission is to share knowledge and foster growth for both the readers and contributors of Art Comments.

To celebrate Art Comments one year existence, the Art Comments team and friends will be gathering tomorrow night, December 20, 6pm - 8pm at GBE@Passerby for drinks and to view the work of the seminal artist and master painter Gee Vaucher.

Thanks to all,

Solus Editor
Peter Duhon