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New York 2007: The 10th Anniversary

June 1 - 3, Park Avenue Armory

Ethan Stern Design. (

written by don porcella in new york

Ethan Stern is a Seattle, WA artist, who makes sculptural objects out of glass. These pieces are hand blown and through this process he creates colored layers of glass. When the glass cools Stern cuts away top layers of opaque glass to reveal a very sexy and beautiful pattern.

Takashi Hinoda, Night of Monsters, 2007 ceramic 9x15x8”

@ Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. (

@ Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. Takashi Hinoda creates imaginative ceramic objects with a Japanese Manga sensibility. This work was mentioned to me several times when exhibitors discussed what is the most exciting thing at the fair. This work represents the hurdle that some galleries are jumping over. The push by some galleries at the fair to showcase artists whose work is more fine arts related and doesn’t deal with the history of the medium as much as more traditional arts and crafts. This work represents the new direction some galleries are pushing. Collectors usually look for something more traditional and the hope is that they will warm to this new breed of arts and craft artist. Several galleries are showing artists who are inspired by their contemporary popular culture and who speak outside their medium with their medium and are considered an artist over crafts-person. This new work has content as well as craft.

PHILIP EGLIN, ceramic @ Dean Project (

Another piece in the fair that represents a new breed of arts and crafts artists is the work of Philip Elgin above. A ceramic vessel but also a three-dimensional painting as well. A collaged painterly approach to the imagery where image and content supersede the medium (which is refreshing at this type of venue).


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