Email Written by Peter Duhon on September 8, 2007:

Re: [Updated Invitation] Art Parade: Deitch Projects Parade @ Sat Sep 8 4pm - 6pm (nikki)

Nikki, that would be great! Let's meet up at 3:30pm at Aroma Cafe on Houston Street, below is the address, also, I think one or two other artists might come also. After the parade, heading over to Marienne Boesky gallery, and after that opening reception, heading to another opening on the lower eastside, and then finally, heading to a party, art reading in Harlem. Here's the address for Aroma:

Aroma Espresso Bar

3.5 star rating
based on 32 reviews

Categories: Coffee & Tea, Sandwiches [Edit]

Neighborhood: Manhattan/SoHo
145 Greene St
Entrance on W Houston
(between Houston St & Prince St)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 533-1094


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