Fountain Art Fair - Miami Art Basel 2008

Fountain Art Fair
by Don Porcella

Fountain Art Fair revealed a gritty, exciting side of the art world that is young, emerging and innovative. It was a very lively fair with artists talking to all sorts of people from buyers to galleries. Largely consisting of emerging artists, this fair included small galleries, curators and artists from New York City.

Succulent Girl Friday (double click on next image for details)

My friend, Tracey Snelling an artist from Oakland, CA (showing at Pan American in Miami) stopped by Fountain Art Fair just in time to witness and donate to a performance.
Tracey in the larger installation which included the performance above. I can't remember the name of the artist who created this installation at Fountain, but I like the ambition in this work.

I love these paintings of women beating pro wrestlers. They both empower and make ridiculous.

Brian Leo, an artist in the Fountain Art Fair originally from New Jersey blew me away!!!! I love the way that color unifies his art so that he has more variety and flexibility with what he decides to paint. What I like most about Brian's art is the creativity he shows in every piece. No two paintings are exactly alike but collectively they represent only the tip of Brian's creative genius.
I love a lot of the individual paintings and the majority of them seem to be on canvas.
He had a buzz about his installation.

The artist, Brian Leo, in front of skeletor transformer? (I think that's what he called it). He has great reasons for making each painting and each idea is creative, different and fresh.


Anonymous said…
the artist in the pink dot booth is Greg Haberny aka The Yum Yum Factory you can find out more about him here at:

Brian Leo is a personal Fav. His solo show is going to be at Leo Kesting Gallery March 7 - 29, 2009 opening just in time for the Armory NY, Pulse Art Fair and Scope Art Fair. Who knows, Fountain may show up there for '09 too!