Guggenheim Museum: 24 hour Wheel

24 Hour Lecture Series
written by James Stevens in New York

Starting tonight at 6pm and concluding tomorrow at 6pm, the Guggenheim museum will present a 24-hour cocktail of interviews, lectures, panel discussions and performances. Here's the link to their website for more information: 24hr Lecture Series. 

Participants will include:
"Vito Acconci, David Albert, Julieta Aranda, Kevin Birth, Katherine Brinson, Angela Bulloch, Simon Critchley, Drew Daniel, Verne Dawson, Lisa Dennison, Luke DuBois, Li Edelkoort, Eiko and Koma, Makram El-Kadi, Michael Evans, Douglas Futuyma, Liam Gillick, Andrew Ginzel and Kristin Jones, David Grubb, Amy Herzog, Paul Horwich, Tehching Hsieh, Helen Hsu, Florian Idenburg, Chrissie Iles, Marc Kushner with Matthias Hollwich, Sanford Kwinter, Thomas Leeser, Joseph LeSauter, Nate Lowman, Ronald Mallet, Patrick McCarthy, Richard McGuire, Don Melnick, Shamim Momin, Alexandra Munroe, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Philippe Parreno, Nicholas Rennie, Matthew Ritchie, Danny Rubin, Saskia Sassen, Ted Sider, Slowfood USA, Agathe Snow, Nancy Spector, David van der Leer, Marianne Weems, Lawrence Weiner, Robert Weston (with Paul Stephens), Lebbeus Woods, Nate Wooley, and Joan Young."