AC Shortlist: February Exhibitions

written by Nikki Schiro in New York
  1. Katerina Lanfranco investigates the conceptual space where the unknowns of deep sea and outer-space meet. She offers us a tangible, ordered glimpse into that space/her world, using Larger-than-life paper cutouts, three dimensional sculptures of glass and fabric, as well as oil painting "vignettes." Katerina Lanfranco website.
  2. Jan Frank appropriates and incessantly utilizes Phillip Guston's portrayal of Richard Nixon, a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, for the bulk of the work in this exhibition. The large paintings each render their own spiritual harmony and order while maintaining a quirky edge--perhaps generated from Frank's own relationship with "Nixon." The wall of the smaller works is one of my favorites. It includes Frank's "nudes" and as well as a selection of smaller "Kissinger" works painted, often, with brilliant, saturated color on top of "body work" ad spreads from the Village Voice. Reference website.