No Longer Empty!

written by Don Porcella in New York City.

I attended the opening of No Longer Empty (in two storefronts at 222 w 23rd St NY NY next to the Chelsea Hotel)) in New York City June 18th, 2009. I was greeted by Manon Slome, former head curator at Chelsea Art Museum. She and others have started a great organization that provides exhibition space in vacant storefronts throughout New York City (see

Manon was nice enough to personally escort me through the whole exhibition. No Longer Empty utilizes vacant spaces by exhibiting challenging and provocative art. Two storefronts were used by the artists as their exhibition space. Several artists are in each store and the art is aware of its surroundings. There are 5 large poster sized photos of artists from the Chelsea Hotel paying homage to the rich artistic tradition and history of The Chelsea Hotel. There is also a tape installation by an artist from The Chelsea Hotel in one of the storefronts.

A neon artist uses the window of one of the storefronts to change our perception of language by providing a different context for storefront signage.

Michael Bevilacqua curates a groups af artists in what was formerly a fish and tackle shop. The artists incorporate the former fish and tackle business into the exhibition by utilizing some of the features from the original shop including the pegboard.

NO LONGER EMPTY - revitalizing space : unlocking creativity

NO LONGER EMPTY is a group of curators and artists who
present thought provoking exhibits in empty store fronts.

Their first exhibit is at the storefronts at the
Hotel Chelsea
Opening June 18 6pm - 9pm
222 w 23rd st NY NY
June 19 - July 18 Wed - Sat 11am - 6pm

Curated by
Manon Slome and Asher Remy-Toledo with Julian Navarro, Ivan Saragusti, Felicity Faulkner, Yasaman Hoorazar, Molly Ryan, Nunu Hung.

Guido Albi-Marin | Joseph Aloi | Rita Barros | Sam Bassett | Michael Bevilacqua | Alina and Jeff Bliumis | Scott Campbell | Tara de la Garza | Kate Gilmore | Noel Hennessy | Michael Mandiberg | Cheonwook Park | Diana Puntar | Bruce Richards | Raimundo Rubio | Linda and Lothar Troeller | Dani Tull | Marnie Weber.


Anonymous said…
The Capitol Fishing Tackle shop was not an abandoned store front. The Chelsea Hotel minority shareholder Marlene Krauss refused to renew their lease in 2006 even though they had been in the space for over 50 years. She wanted a more high-end tenant. That space was Empty by Choice. The hotel had already hired a contactor to renovate the space, but seeing as how there is a Stop Work Order on the bldg because of the illegal demolition of Bob Dyan's room, that isn't possible. So, they donated the space so they could whitewash the public into believe that they are patrons of the arts.