Indian Art Summit 2011

Successful Art Fair in Delhi
written by Sonia Bhalla in Delhi

This was the 3rd year of the Indian Art Summit and by the looks of the huge crowd, it seems Delhi had another successful year and the Indian art market continues to prove its significance. Of course there were galleries from all over the world showing their prized works of art from acclaimed artists, but I do admit I was somewhat bias (as I, myself am Indian) and focused on what the Indian galleries had to offer. One often relates India to bright, happy and vibrant colors. But what struck me the most is that a lot of Indian artists are not necessarily going with this stereotypical perception. I saw quite the opposite of bright and happy and was pleasantly surprised by the subdued and more monochromatic tones.

“Home We Left” – Prasenjit Sengupta

“Guardian and the Garden” – Mahesh Baliga
(I think the grey tones depict the serene environment of the garden and seeing that the guardian is older and the way he is standing in the garden somehow suggests the amount of work and love that has gone into his garden)

I am sure next year the Indian Art Summit will be even bigger and even better as it has every year in the past 3 years that the summit has existed. I think a lot of the international galleries that were showcased at the summit for the first time, will be coming back and a lot more galleries will follow suit. India has major buying power and through this summit, art has become more accessible for the new or established collector.