Art Gallery in the Hamptons: Karin Sanders Fine Art

Sometimes its the mistakes we make
Painting by Aja Apa .

This past weekend was quite eventful. I spent some time in the Hamptons and attended a fundraiser given by the Urban League of Long Island and after the event I went to the StarRoom, reportedly a night club where Paris Hilton likes to hangout. One of the highlights though was a surprise finding, an extremely sophisticated art gallery located in Sag Harbor. Visit the website:

Looking at this painting by Aja Apa, I'm reminded of several paintings: one by Cezanne, Picasso and a recent artist now being shown at the Moti Hassen gallery. In the three paintings just mentioned, the main character or object is falling off the canvas or stepping out of the canvas. In the painting posted here, the three central characters, three women are walking into the canvas. Though judging by the fiery reds, the melancholy mood and the title of this painting, Sometimes it's the mistakes we make, the characters are figuratively walking into an eternal state of torment due to making some mistakes or bad decisions. The old adage is that one can learn from personal mistakes and make a seemingly negative sitaution positive by turning the situation into an educational one, however, this painting is a reminder that some mistakes can be quite costly.

Look closely and you will see the three women with there back turned to the viewer, walking into the figurative space of a red abyss.