Thursday, October 16, 2008


Meltdown looming for Frieze?
written by peter duhon in london

Will the parlous global financial crisis dampen Frieze Week? No. Will it affect FW in any way? Irrefutably yes. In fact, it already has but that's another blog post entirely which will be addressed in the future.

The better and more intriguing question during this year's Frieze and beyond is which artist will seize the moment by creating something or a situation that provokes global artistic thought on par with the original FRIEZE exhibition curated by Mr. Damien Hirst some 20 years ago that was actually facilitated by the capricious nature of the art market and economy at that time.

Yesterday, our London correspondent attended the preview for Frieze, so visit again for her report. Throughout the week we will continue to provide coverage of Frieze, the satellite fairs and art openings here in London.

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