Rare Birds: Amanda de Cadenet. Amanda's truthful photographs in this publication captures the quiet moments that are often not documented in our fantasy driven culture.

The Courage Consort: Michel Faber.
This book includes three novellas: The Courage Consort, The Hundred and Ninety-Nine steps and The Fahrenheit Twins. Three stories of relatively short length that portray some of the various issues that arise in a modern society such as isolation and the fraility of the utopian ideal.

De Kooning : An American Master by Mark Stevens, Annalyn Swan. Although released during the latter part of 2004, I read it during 2005. A fun and thorough account of an artist's life. It deals with both the technical and emotional aspects of De Kooning's art and gives a sufficient portrait of his personal life. This book is definitely for the artist, aspiring artist and those who would like an understanding of modern art and its development.

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Peter Duhon


Anonymous said…
I am wondering if you will do an article on interesting websites. You seem to cover alot; books, movies, live shows, but do not mention the internet. Is there any reason? Do you plan to comment on sites that interest you in the future? I have found such a site with the most interesting art and cartoons. I found it while linking to a person's site that posted a comment on a live show you saw and wrote about.
It is:
Check it out. Pretty awesome.
Pete Duhon said…
Thanks for your comment. In the future, I plan on posting links to other websites that are relevant to the topic of my blog. The internet is a powerful and quite interesting medium, however, the focus of this blog will primarily deal with things outside of the internet. But it is my intention to post more website links within each blog that I post that will foster a better understanding of what I am writing about. In fact, I started it already with Amanda de Cadenet's website which is rather interesting a thought provoking. I hope all of my readers visit the site: Thanks for posting the link to the site. I will check it out.

Anonymous said…
only 3 books worth mentioning???? What is your criteria for book of the year?
Pete Duhon said…
What are your favorite books from 2005?
Anonymous said…
I really liked Freakanomics. It was a great reaad.
sherazade said…
I encourage everyone to read the Kite Runner. That book is now one of my all time favorites.