Apple Computer: Major Announcements

Later on today, CEO Steve Jobs will make several major announcements involving apple computer. This is big news for the millions of people who own ipods, electronic companies who play second fiddle to Mr. Jobs, Microsoft, Sony and others will be watching to see what Mr. Jobs has up his sleeve.

Even for non-apple(mac) users, this announcement as serious implications, since companies that compete with apple(Dell, HP and Microsoft among others often release products and software that imitate Apple's.

What might happen later on today:

1. Apple releases a new line computers with an intel processor that will compete directly with the traditional TV and cable providers.
2. New ipod with bigger screen(horizontal) and better battery life and more memory.
3. New deals with content providers that will allow the online itunes store to resemble your local blockbuster video store.
4. New laptop computers.
5. I suspect that apple will release some new software as well. Page layout software and internet publishing software. Many websites have been ranting about a possible iweb.

The announcements are also huge considering their affect on the creative community. Check back in a couple of hours for my thoughts on Apple's announcements that will take place later on today.

-Peter Duhon