3 Must-Have Albums from 2005

The Chosen Ones

Radiance, Keith Jarrett(solo acoustic piano)

Day is Done, The Brad Mehldau Trio

The Ground, The Tord Gustavsen Trio

Though the three album were not selected or nominated for a Grammy award, it doesn't matter. These there albums sparkle with genius, energy and creativity. If your looking for background music that doesn't motivate and inspire, look somewhere else. These albums collectively warrant foreground listening but this is not an academic assignment from your local professor, foreground listening of jazz is not a boring affair, in fact, it can be quite rewarding as the 3 albums in my selection thoroughly prove.

These three albums really stood out for me, all are quite monumental in their own way. Keith Jarrett's Radiance is a live recording of short, spontaneous improvisations in front of a Japanese audience. Brad Mehldau's Day is Done, is another album in Brad's oeuvre were the mixture of music is truly eclectic, enchanting and fiery. The Ground, the other trio album on this list is on the opposite end of the spectrum when compared with Brad's effort. But there is no need for comparison since they are both enjoyable.

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Anonymous said…
"The Ground" is an AMAZING album! Love it, it'll always be in my top 5. Thanks for introducing me to it.