Edvard Munch at MoMa

The Norgwegian Master

With masters of the pictorial language, it has been said, that nothing is arbitrary. Evidence of the above could be seen in the current exhibition of works by Edvard Munch being held at Moma - today is the official last day.

While viewing the show this past weekend with a friend, my friend pointed out his interesting use of women's hair in his pictures. In a picture which is actually a woodcut with watercolour additions that was on display at the MoMa this weekend, the title says it all, "Man's Head in Woman's Hair."

In another picture, which is titled "On the Waves of Love," a woman appears to be laying on her back side, in a state of ecstasy, looking closer, one notices that wrapped in her hair is a gentleman laying next to her.

Visit the link here Moma Checklist, and download the free pdf which gives a checklist of the many pictures in the exhibition and you can see the two pictures that I am referring too along with many others.

In some of his other pictures, he uses hair as a compositional device to keep the viewer's eye embedded in the canvas, and in still others paintings, he cleverly uses hair as a tool of direction for the viewer to view other aspects of the painting.

Download the pdf from the MoMa website, for personal use and since I may refer back to the brochure in a future post.