Brad Mehldau: Preeminent Pianist of this Generation?

"The preeminent pianist of his generation, Brad
Mehldau is this year's recipient of the
prestigious Prix Miles-Davis. Accompanied by
faithful bassist Larry Grenadier and new drummer
Jeff Ballard, Mehldau will feature the Day Is Done
album. Rhythmic and harmonic challenges abound!" -
Montreal Jazz Fest

That statement alone is quite possibly the biggest
understatement of this generation. Tonight I will be
attending Brad Mehldau's solo jazz recital at
Carnegie Hall inside of their new Zankel Hall. His
performance tonight is part of the JVC Jazz
Festival that is currently taking place here in NYC.
Although, it is quite clear that this is the "can't
miss" event of the Festival if not the entire year.

Frequent readers of Art Comments surely recognize
the name if not the music since I have written
extensively about the artist known as Brad Mehldau.
And looks like I will be writing some more Brad
Mehldau posts!



Anonymous said…
Hi Pete,

I just saw Brad playing at Jazzbaltica (Jul. 02) in northern Germany ( It was a wonderfull performance. I saw him with the trio, solo recital, duett, and quartett. The solo concert was recorded and brodcasted at a local radio station. If you are interessted in getting this wonderful piece, drop me an email. Playlist was:

(mseiwert (at) hbv de)

1. Trailerpark Ghost
2. Think of one (Monk)
3. Martha my Dear (Lennon/McCartney)
4. Paris
5. Medley - I Fall in Love to Easily (S. Cahn-J. Styne) / Paranoid Android (Radiohead)
6. Riverman (Drake)

Please write more about your visit at Carnegie Hall!