Sotheby's Lecture: Houses of the Berkshires

Just getting back from an exciting lecture about the Houses of the Berkshires, given by Richard S. Jackson Jr. and Cornelia Brooke Gilder. After hearing the lecture and learning about this area and the personalities that helped establish it's legacy as a fashionable destination during the late 19th century and even now, I am motivated to go there, camera in hand for a weekend trip. The presenters were genuinely excited about there topic and immensely knowledgeable as well, this excitement was contagious as well.

I was able to pick up their latest publication tonight, which is titled, Houses of the Berkshire, immediately after the lecture and I'm glad I did. Judging by the scholarly approach of the presenters, I know that there is a wealth of information here. Well, here's a link to their publishers website where you can read about the publication, which I recommend:

Here's a brief excerpt from the publication: "The scenic hills of the Bershires, with their beautiful lakes, clean air, and spectacular autumn foliage, have provided a respite from urban living for wealthy New Yorkers and Bostonians since the 19th century. In Lenox and Stockbridge and surrounding communities, grand houses were built by the nations leading architects."- Houses of the Berkshires