Press Release: Jennifer Jackson joins Art Comments

Jennifer Jackson
Photo by Talia Chow.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself to the readers of Art Comments. My name is Jennifer Jackson but I have a multitude of nicknames which I often go by. I recently moved to New York City from Austin, Texas where I was a student at the University of Texas. My degree from UT is in Retail Merchandising, and henceforth suggests my interest in the field of fashion. I also attended the Paris Fashion Institute, where I studied and then worked for 3 months in the fashion industry. I am a lover of all things art and music, and would like to share some of my thoughts on Art Comments about the shows that I see, the people that I meet, and the feelings that I get when I view awe-inspiring aspects in art or in life. I hope that you might be inspired by what I have to say, or merely enjoy a writing or two that I share.

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Jenny J. said…
Correction to the photo tag: Photo by Talia Chow