Jackie Bunwich Gallery Review

By Don Porcella

• Online Galleries

Online social and networking groups like Myspace break down traditional economic, cultural and political borders offering members the opportunity to promote anything they create. This is especially true for artists who can post their art work and get valuable feedback. Artists are thriving on Myspace in a democratic exchange of images and ideas. Relevant online art galleries are forming in this new virtual space frontier.

Jackie Bunwich promotes her gallery as the first Myspace based gallery in the world. Jackie Bunwich Gallery exhibits the work of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists and musicians working in a variety of media. The gallery opened in September 2006 on Myspace and exhibitions run for one month. Bunwich lives in Vancouver, Canada where her online gallery is based.

The Jackie Bunwich Gallery's current show is called "Soft Pot" which is a collection of artists that Bunwich has known and some that she has met on Myspace.

I especially like the work of Taylor McKimens
(www.taylormckimens.com), a very versatile artist, who creates unique
work in a variety of mediums. His art is not bound by any specific discipline (like being just a painter for instance). He is capable of making anything he wants because he has a consistent visual language that crosses over and through different disciplines.

Online galleries give the gallery owner a chance to establish a gallery with little to no start up costs. Bunwich is hoping the gallery will evolve commercially and she is interested in doing projects outside of Myspace/Internet.

Bunwich says the next show will feature Jeff Ladouceur and Peter Thompson, two artists from Canada.
The Jackie Bunwich Gallery is always looking for new artists and reviews work on a regular basis. If you are interested in submitting art work for review, send 5-10 jpegs to jackiebunwichgallery@yahoo.ca.
Jackie Bunwich Gallery would love to be your friend! Her Myspace
address is www.myspace.com/1126298553.

Written by Don Porcella