Namehato Fashion Show: Spring Preview 2007

Originally uploaded by Peter Duhon.

written by Jenny Jackson in New York

Namhato, Love Brigade Clothing, Inc.’s first Spring collection was a success. This collective of brilliantly creative individuals, unveiled a collection that was received by the shows audience as a Brand that fashion enthusiasts should give attention. In less than one year, Love Brigade opened its doors; opened a boutique in Williamsburg (an up and coming Brooklyn neighborhood where the creative energy is explosive); launched an online boutique; premiered the first collection (Fall ’06); launched Spring ’07, and launched men’s for Spring ’07.

From an insider’s point of view, I see that Love Brigade has begun with a strong start and is not operating dangerously fast. The Spring fashion shows were evidence that Love Brigade is capable of executing a concept where creative genius is sustained throughout the entire process. In creating a fashion line, it is quite easy to loose sight of the goal where a collection turns out to be something different from the original theme and concept. But, alas, the Love Brigade collective proved that, though we may be young, we are damn genius.  

Namehato:  By the scene, for the scene. When once asked who is the inspiration for the clothing, Alyssa Key (fashion director and founder) responded, “Ourselves. You think I’m kidding?”

And finally, a little blurb that Alyssa and I together wrote about the collection:

“Inspired by the spiritual mystique of Native American tribe inhabitants of New Mexico, Love Brigade has collaborated on designs that inspire a sense of freedom whilst still donning the most luxurious fabrics. Creations stemmed from dark blood pumping emotion not free from the strains of society, but with a glimmer of hope that one day we will achieve everything that we are living for. Namehato breeds bravery. Namehato forces freedom. Namehato means love.”

…and this is only the beginning.