Scope Art Fair 2006: Miami Beach

"it was Scope that served up the best and most playful energy, both inside and out." - BEN DAVIS, ArtNet Magazine

I noticed today while on the website that they actually used one of my photographs when describing the Scope Art Fair that took place in Miami Beach this past December. As a side yet rather profound note, I served as the official photographer for Scope and not only am I extremely honored to have served that function, I have some great memories from that weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the art but also the world-class staff which I learned a tremendous amount from. My warmest thanks to the entire Scope staff.

Here's the links to access all of the photos I took for Scope during the weekend:
1. 1st Set
2. 2nd Set


The best place where all art work of different art forms can be seen is the Miami beach and it is organizing the art exhibitions from so many years. Many other organizations bring the new artist's art pieces all together in the art exhibition that is actually organized by the Miami art Basel.