Mixed Greens Gallery: Lee Stoetzel

“I am very interested in the far-reaching power of nature. We build houses and think that we have controlled space, yet nature winds its way into those materials.” Lee Stoetzel

"Courtesy of the artist and Mixed Greens, NY"

By Don Porcella in New York

Lee Stoetzel, born in Tallahassee, FL, lives and works in New York City and is currently having a solo show at Mixed Greens Gallery here in Chelsea. When one walks into the gallery they are immediately met by the most aromatic smell of nature - the smell of pecky cypress wood (a wood that is indigenous to Tallahassee, FL where the artist grew up.)

"Shell Motorcycle" (shells, steel), 2007

"Courtesy of the artist and Mixed Greens, NY"

In this, the artist’s third solo show at Mixed Greens Gallery, there are motorcycles, bibles and even dictionaries made of wood and seashells.

"VW Bus" (pecky cypress wood), 2007

"Courtesy of the artist and Mixed Greens, NY"

However, for me, it is the VW Bus that commands the most attention. Aptly put in the front of the gallery, the VW Bus (made of pecky cypress wood and steel) inspires thoughts of man’s need to control nature and the ultimate last word of nature over man - we wonder how long this VW Bus made from wood (ravaged by fungus) will survive.

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April 26 – May 26th, 2007 at Mixed Greens Gallery.

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