written by Don Porcella in New York

Scope Hamptons has inspired some offshoot art shows and galleries and this year was no exception. Among them were the Salomon Contemporary and the McNeil Group who held events in Wainscott close to the Scope Hamptons event. Both galleries had booths at the fair but chose to heighten the experience and exposure as they offered an offsite art event. Another art event that was in the vicinity of Scope Hamptons was a group show of 6 artists called Bonac Tonic, which I participate in as an artist, at the Wainscott Chapel. The show was curated by local artist Grant Haffner from the Bonac Tonic Art Collective of the East End. Below are a few pictures from the Bonac Tonic show:

“Car Sculpture” by Carly Haffner playfully dominated the entry way of the space.
Later in the evening, lights illuminated the sculpture and it took on an even more mysterious and foreboding tone.

Wonderfully creative illustrations and paintings by Justin Smith.

Innovative sculpture that incorporates found art and woodworking

to create magnificent sculptural objects with a deeper message.

Encaustic Painting by Don Porcella

A hidden gem in the show.


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