"Friends With You", Funhouse at Scope Art Fair - Miami Art Basel 2008

Funhouse at Scope Art Fair
by Don Porcella

Scope Miami allowed Friends With You to take over one whole corner of their art fair and install a wonderful, fun and interactive art installation. I think this is part of the reason Scope was such a fun and exciting art fair.

Artist, Carly Haffner, is seen inside one of the "Friends With You" modules which is very interactive and silly.

Inside this room viewers collide with the characters made out of vinyl

"Friends With You" enlisted the support of many local art students including students from New World High School in downtown, Miami. Scope apparently gave them a lot of freedom and an unlimited budget to complete the installation which is made out of vinyl and wood characters.

Who knew art could be so much fun. But is it art? Or is it just a mall inspired playland for kids? I saw plenty of older kids playing in the fun land and the context created a welcome and fun diversion whether you thought it was good art or not.