Scope Art Fair at Miami Art Basel 2008

Scope Art Fair at Miami Art Basel 2008
by Don Porcella

There is a high level of craft and craftmanship evident in the art fairs this year in Miami. Especially at Scope, where several galleries including Dorsch Gallery from Miami remarked that well crafted art was selling. This "painting" blew me away. I didn't think much of it until I left the fair and then I couldn't stop thinking about it. It is primarily made out of show laces of different colors with a faucet coming off the painting and onto the wall. Brilliant!

This artist was with ADA GALLERY at Scope New York in March. ADA Gallery is from Richmond, VA ( and also has the best art at the SCOPE Fairs. The owner, John is an awesome gallerist who continues to build on his strong reputation at SCOPE.
ada GALLERY was the gallery that sold to Lance Armstrong.
This sculpture is made out of wood and is a tour de force of wood craftmanship. The sculpture reads like a manual on all the possible things you can make with wood. The alluvial fan-like shapes on the back of the sculpture are in some places paper thin and hard to believe it is made out of wood.

ADA Gallery from Richmond, Virginia continues to build on a strong reputation at the Scope Art Fairs.