AC Shortlist: Exhibitions

Gallery Recommendations
  1. Eating at the Elbows, Our Teeth Will be More Quiet, Jonathan Hartshorn at Galerie Bertrand @ Gruner. New York based artist infamously known for his participation in a recent show inside of MoMA's 5th floor bathroom, is presenting work that explores the existential spatiality situated between the there, then, now, how and where. Delightful. More Info: Geneva, Switzerland, January 15th - February 14th, 2009.
  2. OUTLINE, curated by Christopher Smith at Serrano Contemporary. An exhibition of drawings which will appeal to those with a tactile yearning for visceral stimulus from the technical flair of emerging artists. Info: Serrano Contemporary. New York, NY, USA, January 15th - February 14th, 2009.
  3. New Paintings by Peter Doig at Gavin Brown Enterprise. Peter Doig's first solo exhibition of new paintings in almost 10 years. More info: Gavin Brown Enterprise. New York, NY, USA January 15th - February 21st, 2009.

  4. KITTY, Andres Laracuente, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, and John Patrick Walsh 3 at Jane Kim/Thrust Projects. A collaboration of sculpture, photography, and works on paper by interdisciplinary artists who explore the notion of the art object as explicitly dynamic through witnessed practice. More info: New York, NY, USA January 16th - February 22nd, 2009.