Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dialectical Dependencies: Theory and Practice

"intellectual concepts are one thing and crass practice is something else: the action of one on the other is usually difficult to demonstrate because it is not likely to be direct or simple." - Michael Baxandall, Painting & Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Charles Saatchi's Two New Online Projects

Beloved by many, nemesis to a few (at least reportedly), Charles Saatchi has recently launched two online initiatives for artists to display their work. One is catered more toward student artists and it's called "Stuart", an initiative which allows students to sell their work internationally or locally without a dealer or gallery taking any percentages from a deal. The other online initiative is a website called Your Gallery which allows virtual online communities to foster between artists. Below is the direct link to the websites:

1. Saatchi's "Your Gallery."
2. Saatchi's student centric community for artists to sell and display their work "Stuart."

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Art Basel Miami Beach: Overall Impressions

Here's a link to an article which gives an accurate description to a colossal event. Personally, attending Art Basel for the first time and attending at least 6 other major art fair was just enjoyably overwhelming! The article is written by Anthony Haden-Guest, whom I actually had the honor of meeting while in Miami. Without further ado: FT Article, Mammon and the muse.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Gavin Brown Gallery: Gee Vaucher

Gee Vaucher
Children that have seen too much, 2006
105 x 70 inches, approximate

"All art is a pathway to the soul. A pathway to each other." - Gee Vaucher

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Art of the Portrait: Gee Vaucher at GBE@Passerby
Film Review, Michael Haneke: Cache
Scope Hamptons 2006: Sadie Weis

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Art Comments One Year Anniversary

I'm proud of the fact that last December, my first blog entry for Art Comments covered a live performance by the amazing Brad Mehldau Trio, a trio and artist who has incited my personal journey of inquiry into the sublime and aesthetics . This personal journey later required proper documentation and what better way then online via the worldwide web where it could be shared and documented publicly. I had no idea that Art Comments would develop and grow into what it has become: An interdisciplinary online collaborative journal founded on the premise that if experiences are not documented and later shared, then it is as if they never happened; a journal that focuses exclusively on aesthetics that are of the sublime, challenging, thought provoking and compelling.

Here are a few links from the past year:

Alfred Brendel's performance at Carnegie Hall
Martha Stewart interview with Art Comments during Fashion Week 2006
Brad Mehldau review
Film Review: Cache

This year also saw the addition of several contributors, two fashion specialists in Jennifer Jackson and Sonia Bhalla , and art contributor Don Porcella .

I would like to thank everyone for their continuous support to this journal whose mission is to share knowledge and foster growth for both the readers and contributors of Art Comments.

To celebrate Art Comments one year existence, the Art Comments team and friends will be gathering tomorrow night, December 20, 6pm - 8pm at GBE@Passerby for drinks and to view the work of the seminal artist and master painter Gee Vaucher.

Thanks to all,

Solus Editor
Peter Duhon

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Art Basel Miami Beach: Valery Koshlyakov

Visit the AC photo blog at Flickr.

Alexander's head, 2006, spraypaint on canvas. 200 x 150 cm.

Highlight from Art Basel in South Miami Beach 2006.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Art Basel South Beach

Not even sure what to say other than the event is massive with a capital M! I will post some select photos shortly here on Art Comments and on my flickr account so check both daily for updates.