Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Art Basel Director Resigns

Artistic Director of Art Basel Resigns
written by Peter Duhon in New York

Less than a year after her appointment as Artistic director of Art Basel and Art Basel Miami, MCH Swiss Exhibition (Holding) Ltd announced the resignation of Cay Sophie Rabinowitz.

In the press release announcing her resignation, Ms. Cay Sophie was lauded for her professionalism. "We wish Ms. Rabinowitz much success in her future professional endeavors. We'd like to thank her for her professional contribution," says René Kamm, CEO of MCH Swiss Exhibition (Holding) Ltd.

I had some initial concerns about the appointment last June when I heard about it and the triumvirate that she was apart of which replaced former director Sam Keller to lead Art Basel and Art Basel Miami, and quickly stated my views on a blog post here on AC. I have no concerns about any members of the triumvirate, including Ms. Rabinowitz. I only have doubts about any three individuals reporting directly to a committee for the purpose of leading any sprawling global entity, especially Art Basel and Art Basel Miami. After some further consideration in a succeeding post, I expressed comments that represented a more balanced, even keeled, world-view response.

My first reaction to this resignation is that I couldn't help but notice the stoic and cold response issued by
René Kamm, "thank her for her professional contribution." In my view, that only sounds great if René Kamm were issuing that statement about a former collegiate intern who fetched coffee in the mornings for her co-workers, made accurate copies at the xerox machine for her boss, and maintained detail excel sheets. Obviously, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz duties included much, much more.

Here's a link to my previous comments concerning the triumvirate appointment last June:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Subversive Tales at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Gallery Review: The Dressmaker Who Lived on the Outskirts
written by Peter Duhon in New York

British painter Neal Tait presents his first solo show in New York, The Dressmaker Who Lived on the Outskirts, with the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Resisting any palatable logical connexion in his paintings, Tait cleverly provides a compendium of historical, parodic and often ghastly references that become hauntingly evident sometimes only after several viewings. If you're in town, definitely check out the show. If not, check back later as I will post photos from the show soon. 24 Apr 2008 - 7 Jun 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Discussion Reminder @SVA: International Art Fairs and the White Cube

April 18th, 7pm to 9pm, School of Visual Arts, Main Auditorium
Address: 209 East 23 Street, between 2nd and 3rd ave, NY, NY 10010-3994

Panel Discussion Topic: International Art Fairs: The White Cube and Globalization
Panelists: Senior Curator of the Sender Collection, Todd Levin, and art journalist for New York Magazine, Portfolio, and the WSJ's art section, Alexandra Peers
Moderator: Director of Art Comments, Peter Duhon
Organizational facilitator: ATOA
Cost: $7 dollars

Art Comments is delighted to invite everyone to an upcoming panel discussion probing the significance and context of the global and cultural phenomenon of contemporary art fairs. Distinguished panelists Todd Levin and Alexandra Peers have a broad range of global experience in all aspects of the art market that will allow for a provocative survey of the annual, global and transient White Cube. This discussion is facilitated by the nonprofit organization Artist Talk on Art.

"Alexandra Peers was a founding editor, and later Features Editor, of The Wall Street Journal's Weekend section, overseeing a wide-ranging expansion of the newspaper's arts and culture, Hollywood, travel and food reporting. Prof. Peers has served on the White House Council on Culture and Diplomacy and writes often for New York Magazine, the Journal, Portfolio, The New York Times. Articles she has edited or written have won the University of Missouri School of Journalism Award, Lifestyle Writing; the Atrium Award. She has made regular appearances on NBC and has spoken at the NEA, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Smithsonian. She was the first female reporter to cover the Olympics for the Wall Street Journal." - The Journalism School, Columbia

Todd Levin is senior curator and art adviser for one of the most sought after, and preeminent contemporary art collections today, the Sender Collection. A collection that includes (to name a few)


For further information please write