Sunday, October 04, 2009

Art in General | Benefit Party | Oct. 17th

Art Comments is delighted to lend our support to a wonderful, expansive, and international contemporary arts program such as Art in General. The said benefit party will help support their program which serves as a beacon for contemporary discourse centered on provocative artistic practices. I hope everyone can participate and support AiG in some fashion. Please see information pertaining to their party below. Apologies for any cross-postings.
Underground Up
Art in General’s 2nd Annual Saturday Night Party

Saturday, October 17, 2009, 8pm to 11pm
87 Lafayette Street, New York NY 10013

Art in General will offer audiences and art patrons a one-time opportunity to view unique
new works by graffiti and street artists Cake, Cern, and Chris Stain at its 2nd Annual
Saturday Night party, Underground Up, on October 17th from 8-11 pm. As part of a
fundraiser for the nonprofit that supports emerging artists with the production and
presentation of new work, the artists have been asked to create unique pieces on the day
of the event for the walls of an old firehouse on Lafayette Street. To be fully realized, the
works will require participation by attendees who will also enjoy complimentary beer,
wine, cocktails, music, and dancing.

The event will offer art enthusiasts with a desire to support the arts an opportunity to do so outside the pricey sit-down gala format. With Art in General's line-up of artists, open bar and music, and its history of organizing great events, the party is sure to be worth the $100 donation.

The event poses a significant challenge for the artists – creating a new work in under eight hours – a task that remains in line with Art in General’s tradition of presenting unconventional and experimental new work.
To rsvp for this event and purchase tickets, please visit

Friday, October 02, 2009

TONIGHT: Aporias of Perfection | Panel Discussion

Christian de Vietri
acrylic polymer, vinyl paint
71 x 43 x 32 inches

Aporias of Perfection
7pm - 9pm October 2nd, 2009
The School of Visual Arts (SVA), 209 East 23rd Street, NYC, in the Amphitheater

Art Comments is delighted to present a panel discussion tonight, Aporias of Perfection. Discourse situated simultaneously between and underneath debated notions of theory, practice and praxis, discourse which facilitates an epistemological 'uprooting' (Hinausgerissenwerden) exerting a potentiality of heterogeneous discovery while avoiding any false pretense of a grand narrative or finite totality.

Please click here for curatorial statement for 'Aporias of Perfection' written by Lukas Baden.

Moderator: Lukas Baden (GER, Curator, Ferenbal Gurbruestation), Darren Bader (NYC based Artist, Writer, Curator), Glen Baldridge (NYC based Printmaker and Artist), Christian Ertel (GER, Artist), Christian de Vietri (AU, Artist), Shana Moulton (NYC based Artist)

The School of Visual Arts (SVA), 209 East 23rd Street, NYC, in the Amphitheater

Suggested donation:
$7 General Public
$3 Artists and students, Free for SVA students and faculty


“No good work whatever can be perfect, and the demand for perfection is always a sign of a misunderstanding of the ends of art.” (John Ruskin)

This panel attempts to examine the idea of ‘perfection’ as it is embraced or rejected in the practice of contemporary artists. The topic is related to technical skill and craft versus a deliberate renunciation of these. The artwork as a contained entity with a distinguishable form has been questioned since the inception of Modernism when impressionists were accused to paint merely in stains.

Conceptual art’s progression towards a “dematerialization” of the object has offered the leverage to deepen the cleavage between artistic approaches that pursue a labor oriented mode of production and others that use a minimal effort in the creation of the object. In fact, this panel is centered at a notion of perfection that aims at the enchantment of form and material, while simultaneously acknowledging the limits that are implicit in the processes of rendering an idea or applying a technique.

The failure or plain impossibility of either an artistic or philosophical endeavour to get closer to the idea itself in both visual and spiritual terms is alluded to by the term “aporia” in the title for the panel. In order to provide a creative opposition of terms, the moderation is based on the contrast of “perfection” and “deskilling”, or, drawing on more musical terms, “pop” and “punk.”

The polemic presupposition for the panels discussion is a presumed development in artistic practice away from completion or ostensibly accomplished practice to more interventionist strategies and esoteric presences, thus allowing for the aesthetics of a 'New Poor,' a new form of arte povera, to develop, independent of the current recession.

In yet another set of a binary opposition, this panel seeks to find out when or where the actual turn happened from where attitudes become form (Harald Szeemann, 1969) to where forms become attitudes (Massimiliano Gioni, 2009).